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Guntert & Zimmerman Const. Div., Inc.
222 East Fourth Street
Ripon, California 95366 U.S.A.
Phone: +1(209) 599-0066
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About G&Z

In 1942 Ronald M. Guntert, Sr., the founder of G&Z, formed a limited partnership with Hickinbotham Bros., a local steel supply company, and L.R. Zimmerman for the purpose of fulfilling World War II (WWII) contracts. The partnership was known as Hickinbotham Bros. Const. Div., and they established their shipyard on the Stockton Deep Water Channel on Banner Island, Stockton, California, U.S.A.

During WWII, Hickinbotham Bros. Const. Div. entered into contracts with the Navy and Army Transportation Corps for the construction of floating crane barges, landing crafts, steel tug boats, and inter-island supply vessels. These contracts were completed so effectively that on August 27, 1944, the Army-Navy Production Award (E) was presented to the men and women of Hickinbotham Bros. Const. Div.

Shortly after WWII, Guntert and Zimmerman acquired Hickinbotham's interest and incorporated in 1948 as Guntert & Zimmerman Const. Div., Inc. Then they formed a steel division to augment their material needs and to supply steel to other users in Central California. Zimmerman left both companies in 1956; however, the name was preserved due to its global recognition and excellent reputation. Guntert & Zimmerman Const. Div., Inc. had already proven itself worldwide with innovative designs in canal, highway and airport trimming and paving equipment, as well as work in ship building, dredging and other specialized construction machinery. The supply division is still doing business today as Guntert Sales Div., Inc., dba Guntert Steel.

Both companies shared the 7 acre waterfront facility on Banner Island in Stockton, California, until 1984 when the two companies relocated to their present 22 acre site, 26 miles south in Ripon, California.

Today, Guntert & Zimmerman Slipform Pavers are the most trusted pavers in the business. G&Z offers a wide range of concrete slipform paver models along with other ancillary equipment, such as placer spreaders and texture cure machines to suit your present and anticipated future needs.

These equipment designs are based on G&Z's many years of experience. G&Z paving equipment is built to last under the rigors of job site use, transport, and configuration changes. Innovative features are incorporated in their design to make you more productive, such as reduce the time required to transport, maneuver and change paving widths.